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A little Thursday note

A little Thursday note

A little Thursday note for you… So the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with things I need to do, and a little underwhelmed with creativity. I have a very long to-do list that I’ve been running through my head every day. To say I had a busy few weeks is an understatement. I’ve been off last two days and I’ve done NOTHING. Well besides a delightful curry bowl and peppermint tea latte from CAFE MOSAICS. I binged watched Netflix and basically promised my pets the world. I’m also off today and I feel a lot more energized and refreshed. I had pretty high expectations for some things I wanted to get done, but my body and mind had other plans and needed rest.

The only person I am ever trying to be better than is the girl I was last year. I’ve learned over the last few years not to compare myself to others. #selflove You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. I think that every challenge and disappointment we have teaches us valuable lessons. At 28 I think I’ve experienced plenty of mistakes, heartache, and hard lessons. It’s how we overcome these challenges that shape us into a better person. The cliche “Life is short” saying means so much to me.

Be healthy, do what you love and don’t settle in your job or relationship. I’ve spent a lot of my twenties bouncing around and trying to figure out who I am as a person. I was always envious of the people who knew exactly what they wanted to do. I’ve always done things “my way” I’m the type of person who actually has to learn from their mistakes. No literally… mistake comes first lesson learned second. ALWAYS. (ask my parents) I’ve felt weak and insecure at times but I’ve always picked myself back up. I’m just realizing over the last couple of years I am a very strong person. I spent a really long time with someone I wasn’t meant to be with and received a great deal of unfair judgment from people who knew nothing that happened. My choices, my life. cah-PEESH? (Insert Salt N Pepa – None of yo business) Okay half kidding.

Ultimately in your life, the only opinion that really matters is your own. Despite my ups and downs over the years I finally feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. I will never again underestimate how crucial timing is. Timing is everything.

I have gained an appreciation and understanding of my life that truly fills me with compassion. I hope that my struggles have been given to inspire someone else who truly needs it. So here’s to finishing what I already started, accomplishing my goals and using my creative personality to do things I love! Wanna know more useless things about me? Click here!

So to do list for today:
#1 Kiss my cats and dog for another hour until I blissfully get out of bed.
#2 Take a hot bath (because let’s face it if you text me anytime during the day I’m usually in the bath.)
#3 Take my sweet pup for a walk.
#4 Hit up a cafe and maybe pick up some fresh blooms (because flowers are good for the SOUL, always)
#5 Make an Apple genius appointment since my phone is fried chicken.
#6 Try this new YOGA place downtown.
#7 Patiently wait for Stephen to come home, have caesar’s because it’s NATIONAL CAESAR DAY.
#8 Make Stephen back up my iPhone and do other technical things I don’t understand.
#9 Gaze into each other’s eyes, with matching sweatpants while we drink our Ceasar’s.
#10 Sweet talk Genius Bar rep so I don’t have to pay my apple care since it’s fried chicken and not my fault.

Etc etc etc probably get a cupcake somewhere in between there.
If you got through my ridiculous list, you rule.
Happy Thursday beautiful humans.

xo, Shay

Vancouver, British Columbia


“THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER” (how I feel about visiting the west coast) I recently took a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. I would have done this blog post sooner but I’ve been laying in bed in sweatpants watching the office for the past couple of days. Ok…. It has been the majority of the past week. #bingewatchingtheoffice How did I never watch this show before? I’M OBSESSED!

So Vancouver. All I can say is, the license plates certainly don’t lie. Vancouver, British Columbia is surrounded by the pacific ocean, mountains and let’s not forget it’s basically an Instagram dream. I have many friends that live in British Columbia so there is no shortage of caffeine, red wine, and laughs. Now that I’m only a Province away I’m pretty darn content with it.

For most of my trip, I had gorgeous weather. Thank you Mother Nature, you’re the real MVP! I spent the majority of my time doing what I do best, prancing around, exploring the scenery, taking lots of photos, and drinking lattes of course!

I wish I had more time than four days, It simply wasn’t enough time. Although I did do a lot, I could have stayed another week at least. There is so much to do and see in British Columbia. I’m heading to Kelowna in the summer and I can’t wait! WINERIES! OKANAGAN LAKE! YAY! I also hope to plan a trip to Vancouver island sometime in the future.

So here are some pictures from my trip. Don’t forget to check out my blog post on the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. I hope you enjoy them, Happy Monday!

xo, Shay

spring giveaway

Spring Giveaway

Hey lovelies,

Like I promised I’m posting my first giveaway!

The Spring giveaway is a gift card for Cloud Nine Pajamas and a candle and roll on from Foxhound Collection.

I wanted to do two places I love and what better than Alberta and Nova Scotia combined.

Cloud Nine Pajamas is a locally owned boutique here in Edmonton specializing in designer sleepwear and they have three locations in Edmonton and St. Albert. Who doesn’t love sleeping like a queen?

Foxhound Collection is a fragrance company in Truro, Nova Scotia. They make the BEST soy candles. This grapefruit + fig is AH-mazing and the wild rose + honey roll on is what dreams are made of.

So, follow me on Instagram and tag two friends for a chance to win these goodies! PS: another giveaway is coming soon!

xo, Shay

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what breed is your dog rescue pup

What Breed Is Your Dog? Cambio, the Rescue Pup

what breed is your dog rescue pup

What breed is your dog?

So, I get asked “What breed is your dog?” a few times a week. I literally have no sweet clue.

I’ve been meaning to do one of those dog DNA kits but I haven’t got around to it yet. I’m also pretty sure he thinks he is a cat. Should I mention he plays with the cat toys and chases the laser around…

He will be four pretty soon, so I thought I would dedicate a post to him (he also has a fake birthday because I have no way of knowing when or where he was born). I may be biased but he’s the best dog in the world. Anyone who follows me on Instagram probably already knows my pup is an international rescue.

I used to work at Boston Pizza in Nova Scotia during university. They have a program through Live Different, It’s called a hero holiday. We got to go down to Sosua, Dominican Republic to build homes.

One of my good friends Carmen was on the trip with me and I was a little skeptical about adopting a pup but she totally convinced me it was a good idea and boy was she right. PS: remember that time he was so cold in the A/C we wrapped him in the bed with us and we woke up in the morning and the bed was covered with TICKS. Oh wait, we don’t talk about that. Basically I stood two feet away while Carmen individually picked out ticks… and let’s not forget about his first swim when he power puked all over the curtains at the missionary resort, SORRY ABOUT THAT!

Basically a family had Cam and they couldn’t afford to keep him. I had to take him to the vet in the Dominican to make sure I could legally take him out of the country. The vet was actually from New York, he checked Cam out, gave him de-wormer and sent us on our way. He told us he was about 10 weeks old. I didn’t have any issues at customs, but I was totally freaking out.

You know that declaration paper they give you? Mine had a GIANT red “X” on it. So naturally, I was freaking out. What if they don’t let me keep this dog I fell in love with?

They took my dog in a room, checked him out and sent us on our merry way. My cat’s name is Sephora. Don’t judge me, her name suits her perfectly; actually Beyonce would have worked better! Anyway, I figured I should name my dog something legitimate given his back story. I mostly call him Cam for short but I named him Cambio because it means change in Creole AND since I kinda CHANGED his life I figured it was suitable (insert cheese emoji).

So there you have it, my dog is pretty awesome and now you know his cool background story. Also he drove across Canada with me so he’s pretty much a world traveler. Does peeing in almost every province classify as world traveler? LOVE YOU CAMBEANO.

xo, Shay

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abbotsford tulip festival

Abbotsford Tulip Festival

abbotsford tulip festival

It’s hard to believe it’s May.

Heck, this time last year I was just getting settled in my new city. I had a casual cross-country journey in my Jetta with two cats, a dog, a Uhaul attached and a really handsome man. So, I just realized right now I’ve been in Alberta a year! Sheesh! Where does the time go?

Maybe I’ll do a blog post about how traveling with three animals in a car for a week made me realize I can truly conquer anything in this world. Ok, I’m totally kidding the animals were really easy and by New Brunswick, they straight up enjoyed the car #oldpros. I mean my dog Cam flew home with me from the Dominican, I’m pretty sure he can handle 50 hours in the car and a few hotels…Right?

And of course, I’m getting sidetracked as always. Did I mention I’m new to this blogging thing?

So TULIPS! The week before last I finally made my way to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival (Vancouver blog post to follow!). I used to live in British Columbia, so I have a lot of close friends there and I try to get there as much as I can. Now being only a province away the flights are a heck of a lot cheaper than flying from Halifax.

There is something about prancing around in a field full of tulips that makes my soul happy. It’s located about an hour outside of Vancouver but totally worth the drive. In my opinion, the Abbotsford Tulip Festival is the best way to celebrate spring. It’s been a long winter and this was my first official Alberta winter and I’m not quite sure I’ll ever get used to stepping outside and literally freezing your face off.

Don’t get me wrong I love Alberta but British Columbia is a place I’ll always hold near and dear to my heart. I’ve been dying to go to the tulip festival for awhile and I’m glad I finally made the trip, and it didn’t rain… YAY!

I brought my rain boots to Vancouver and thought I would be trendy and not wear them to the tulip festival. BIG MISTAKE… Although it was a gorgeous day the field was pretty darn muddy, bring your boots, friends. Side note: ruining my little brown boots was totally worth the views. Here are some photos of the beautiful tulip festival. Don’t worry, I didn’t add any of the photos with my mouth open and stringy mullet blowing in the wind.

Thanks so much for reading, have a lovely week!

xo, Shay

abbotsford tulip festivalabbotsford tulip festivalabbotsford tulip festivalabbotsford tulip festivalabbotsford tulip festival