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Banff May long weekend

Banff May long weekend  – 2017

Shaylene, Stephen and Cambio + mountains and adventures = fun times.

May long weekend;

So I’m not gonna lie we basically threw this trip together last minute. With summer and our hectic life/schedules, we were becoming nostalgic of our previous adventures. Stephen and I often work opposite schedules so it’s hard to plan adventures together. Life is hard sometimes.. am I right?

We started our day off in Canmore and we spent the night in Lake Louise. We drove into Banff and ate at Park distillery! Oh my goodness, it was delicious! We were newcomers so our server took the time to go over the alcohol selection and gave us really good recommendations. I had fried calamari which is a rare occurrence for me, because of gluten yano. It was a breaded dream. Hashtag breaded dream. Park distillery makes small batch spirits handmade in Banff National Park. We obviously snagged a bottle of vanilla vodka before we left. It is DREAMY. I love my vodka. So much that when we got back to our room Stephen gave it to me to “smell” but when he passed it over I obviously took a swig and he started laughing uncontrollably, I was like what? He continued to tell me he meant for me to smell it but said sure fill your boots. UM, long weekend hello…It went down like water only it was Vodka ..get my drift?

We did quite a bit of exploring during our short visit. The weather was exceptional. I’m pretty sure it was 25-30 degrees all weekend. What do you wear in warm weather? Shorts? Flip flops? Crop tops? Spandex shorts? Maybe a leopard 1 piece romper? In the mountains it’s usually common sense it tends to get a little colder. I guess we didn’t bring any of our common sense. Just a couple of village idiots strolling around like it’s our first time in the mountains. #villageidiots. We got to Lake Louise and there was snow everywhere HA! So naturally, everyone was walking down the trails with winter apparel and mountain boots on. Ok not everyone but most people. Stephen and I are casually rocking flip flops. Not like a Birkenstock either, I’m pretty sure the delicate sandals I was wearing were like $14.99 #dealsonwheelz It was like my toes were experiencing snow for the first time.

We love Yoho National Park so we spent our last day in beautiful British Columbia! (check out my Vancouver post here) It was another gorgeous day. The lake is breathtaking. Every time I visit the mountains the beauty continues to surprise me. The gorgeous turquoise water makes me feel at ease.

Postive trip but chaotic drive home. So the drive home……….. If you look up the definition of “Hell” in the dictionary I’m pretty sure driving home from Banff on a long weekend is in there. We wanted to soak up as much time as possible at the lake before we left so we headed home at about 5:00 pm. We got home at almost 2:00 am. I remember I kept thinking is this real life? I didn’t even pack any snacks. The drive is normally just under 4 hours from Edmonton. I bet we could have walked out of the National Park… okay maybe not… but you could say it took a little longer than anticipated. YAWN.

Regardless of the drive home, we had gorgeous weather and It was another memorable trip for the books. Until next time!

Here are some of my favourite photos of the trip! Enjoy!


     Thank you, Big Bottle Co for these awesome water bottles!