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Nova Scotia Trip Home

Nova Scotia Trip Home :

So ahhhhh my Nova Scotia trip home! Edmonton friends if you haven’t seen Eastern Canada it is a must. I mean even though it’s like a bazillion dollars to fly across Canada? I could literally fly Edmonton to Honolulu and back! WHATS UP WITH THAT? Anyway, we will save my rant for flying across the country for another day. J feeeeel..  Speaking of which I should book my flight home for Christmas before it’s like $1300 or MAYBE HONOLULU INSTEAD! JK I need to see my FAMJAM. Ok moving along…

So my recent trip to Nova Scotia was a blast. I was home for two weeks and I soaked up every minute of it. My family is in Cape Breton, so I spent the majority of my time there. Cape Breton definitely moves at a slower pace. I’ve always been a city girl and I do love Halifax, but Cape Breton will always be near and dear to my heart. For those of you that don’t know, Cape Breton is a beautiful island in Nova Scotia with SWEEPING ocean views. Ugh, the ocean makes my skin oh so hydrated. Now that I’m back in Alberta my skin will now turn into a wrinkly boot. Don’t get me wrong I love Edmonton but who doesn’t love HYDRATED SKIN from the ocean?

During my time home, my family took a trip to the Cabot Trail. It was the perfect day. My dad passed away 5 years ago and there isn’t a second where I don’t think of his witty humor. I miss him dearly. We talked about Dad a lot that day and all of the wonderful memories we’ve had in the past. It really felt like he was there. It was truly a beautiful day and I will cherish it forever. If you wondering what the limit is to my mother playing Luke Bryan songs, THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. Also, I remember changing my brother’s diapers and now they are basically MEN. Oh did I mention my brother Devon has his FULL LICENCE and a CAR? Ok, I’m ancient. Oh and now that Aaron is 15, Mom finally let him take his training wheels off his bike. #proudsister Maybe 16 is the year she will teach you how to cut the crust off your Bologna sandwich (ha he will get me back for this) Don’t worry we all have my fathers twisted humor. Besides spending the majority of my trip eating seafood, I really went home to stand in my Best Friends Wedding.  I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU.

“The moment I wake up

Before I put on my makeup

I say a little pray for you

While combing my hair now

And wondering what dress to wear now

I say a little prayer for you” 

Belting out excessively over here……..ANYONE? Ok, moving along. So I listened to The Rankins (Cape Breton celebrities) watched my beautiful friend say I do, danced, drank OH BOY DID WE DRINK and created wonderful memories! During my time in Halifax, I spent a few days with my friend Carmen. FYI: Mussels at the Bicycle Thief in Halifax are the bomb.com. If you haven’t tried them, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ok, I need to chill on the caps in this blog post ha ha. I swear I’m not yelling aggressively. Bicycle Thief in Halifax is probably my favorite restaurant.  Ever. Even though we were hungover pieces of crap the next day we still made it to Peggys Cove. Stillwell Beer garden really sneaks up on you when you end up at the dome on a Monday night. Also, I broke my two year “No Dome Streak” #domeishome  (Carmen’s idea obviously) So that is basically it! I wish I took more photos of this beautiful province but I was truly too busy enjoying my time home. Whoever I didn’t have time to see I apologize, I will be back soon. It’s really nice to put your phone down once in awhile and hear the waves crashing on the rocks. If you have any questions on Nova Scotia, feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I have quite a few blog posts coming in the upcoming weeks so don’t forget to check back! Ps: Have you seen my Blog post with Allure by Chelsea and Sara Jewell Photography? Check it out here! We just recently did another shoot so I’ll add those photos when I have more time.

Much love,

xo, Shay




Sara Jewell Photography and Allure by Chelsea

Collaboration with Sara Jewell Photography and Allure by Chelsea

Late night blog post coming your way! I’ve been slacking these past few weeks because I was visiting my friends and family in Nova Scotia. I’ve been dying to add these photos!

(Sara Jewell Photography and Allure by Chelsea)

We had such a fun day shooting! Nothing makes me more inspired than getting to know talented, local women! I had the pleasure of collaborating with these two absolute gems. These girls radiate positive energy and I was lucky to spend the afternoon with them. Chelsea is a skilled makeup artist and Sara is a talented photographer, both located in Edmonton, Alberta. (If you click on Chelsea and Sara it will bring you to their Instagram accounts)  We also just so happened to shoot at one of my favorite cafes in Edmonton… LITTLE BRICK (check out my little brick blog post here) Oh, and did I mention Sara is actually from Nova Scotia…. small world!!!

Looking forward to our picnic shoot next month gals xo


Sara Jewell Photography and Allure by Chelsea collaboration With Shaylene Marie.

Body suit – Aritzia
Skirt- Forever 21
Hat – Roxy
Shoes – Zara


Little Brick Cafe, Edmonton Alberta

Little Brick Cafe, Edmonton Alberta

Little Brick Cafe and General Store.

So I have a page on my blog called “coffee culture” and I’ve yet to post anything on cafes. When I first started my blog I had the intention of doing mostly travel and cafes. Well, this is where I start! I’ve been to almost every cafe in Edmonton. Yes, you heard that correctly ALMOST every cafe. I like my treats and my caffeine what can I say? Plus cute spaces and minimalist decor know the way to my soul. Every week I’m going to post a new blog post about a cafe I love in Edmonton. My first week is going to be Little Brick Cafe.

So when I first moved to Edmonton from Halifax last year, I had maybe 4 friends, Stephen, my dog, and my two cats. So naturally, I spent a lot of time alone exploring my new city. Fun fact of the day; I’m absolutely terrible with directions. A few months ago I asked Stephen what side of the city the West Edmonton Mall was on? ……………….. Needless to say, instantly I knew what I had asked. He brings it up quite often as you can imagine. I rarely use my GPS anymore so PHEW! I can finally get around Edmonton! GO ME!

The first time I put Little Brick Cafe in my GPS it brought me to a residential area. I remember thinking this can’t be right? Where in the heck am I? It was right! Little Brick Cafe is nestled in the heart of Edmonton. It is located in a beautiful brick home. They have brunch, sweets, snacks, and delicious drinks! This is the perfect place to sit back on a comfy couch and read a good book!

“Little Brick is a café, general store, private event and office space in the heart of Edmonton’s Riverdale community. It has been built into the original 1903 home of J.B. Little, who owned the once thriving Brickyard. From scones and tea with a friend to a family birthday party dinner, Little Brick is founded on the belief that community helps us build great things.”



Them Blooms and Tracey Jazmin Photography

Them Blooms and Tracey Jazmin Photography

Hey, friends, So it’s been almost a month since my last blog post. I’ve been excited to do this blog post for the last couple of weeks but I couldn’t find the time. Watching Netflix and playing my cats 47 times a day can get exhausting Yano. So I’m cutting myself a little slack. I absolutely love how many people I’ve met through Instagram this past year! THANKS, INSTAGRAM! Social media has opened up so many cool doors for me and I’m forever thankful for that.

I recently collaborated with a Flower company in Calgary called Them Blooms and a photographer in Edmonton, Tracey Jazmin. When Them Blooms asked the two of us to get in touch we were basically already BFFS from our 15 cafe dates before. Little did they know… WE GO WAY BACK! Okay not really but like a few months? So we’re basically soul-sisters. This blog didn’t make itself eh Tracey? Ha ha! So getting to work with Tracey I was pretty darn excited! I mean we love finding new cafes and chatting with each other for hours so a little photo fun with some gorgeous blooms makes things that much more exciting.

Little background info:

Them Blooms- “made with love, shipped with care.” The flowers at Them Blooms are absolutely stunning. They are a Calgary based company that delivers flowers to most of Alberta, and they also have Canada wide shipping options. YAY CANADA! Happy 150th birthday Canada, stay young! The flowers are fresh and they come in all different shapes and sizes. They are wrapped in gorgeous burlap and tied to perfection!

Tracey Jazmin.. Where do I even begin… Not only is this gal incredibly talented, she is creative, hard working and driven. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and it shows in her work. We also might be friends now so that is pretty COOL. Hey if your reading this can you come back to Alberta so we can take the dogs to the park, gossip and drink not 1 but 2 lattes each. That would be great…THANKS!

I whole-heartedly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for photography or mentoring! She’s all that and a bag of chips!

Links: Them Blooms & Tracey Jazmin Photography

We may have suffered from countless mosquito bites but it was totally worth it! Those blood sucking demons!

Mosquito joke of the day:
What’s the difference between a Mosquito and a Fly?


Try sewing a button on a mosquito.
Did I just post a Dad joke on my blog? Okay, it’s time for bed.. ha ha!

Big thanks to Them Blooms for the beautiful flowers and to Tracey Jazmin for the lovely photos.

PS: if you make it to the bottom you deserve a cookie because there are LOTS of photos.

Have a good week!

xo, Shay


This is a little mini shoot Tracey & I did one day before our cafe date!     Don’t forget to check out my blog post on Callia Flowers

Thank you,

Them Blooms and Tracey Jazmin Photography.

Banff May long weekend

Banff May long weekend  – 2017

Shaylene, Stephen and Cambio + mountains and adventures = fun times.

May long weekend;

So I’m not gonna lie we basically threw this trip together last minute. With summer and our hectic life/schedules, we were becoming nostalgic of our previous adventures. Stephen and I often work opposite schedules so it’s hard to plan adventures together. Life is hard sometimes.. am I right?

We started our day off in Canmore and we spent the night in Lake Louise. We drove into Banff and ate at Park distillery! Oh my goodness, it was delicious! We were newcomers so our server took the time to go over the alcohol selection and gave us really good recommendations. I had fried calamari which is a rare occurrence for me, because of gluten yano. It was a breaded dream. Hashtag breaded dream. Park distillery makes small batch spirits handmade in Banff National Park. We obviously snagged a bottle of vanilla vodka before we left. It is DREAMY. I love my vodka. So much that when we got back to our room Stephen gave it to me to “smell” but when he passed it over I obviously took a swig and he started laughing uncontrollably, I was like what? He continued to tell me he meant for me to smell it but said sure fill your boots. UM, long weekend hello…It went down like water only it was Vodka ..get my drift?

We did quite a bit of exploring during our short visit. The weather was exceptional. I’m pretty sure it was 25-30 degrees all weekend. What do you wear in warm weather? Shorts? Flip flops? Crop tops? Spandex shorts? Maybe a leopard 1 piece romper? In the mountains it’s usually common sense it tends to get a little colder. I guess we didn’t bring any of our common sense. Just a couple of village idiots strolling around like it’s our first time in the mountains. #villageidiots. We got to Lake Louise and there was snow everywhere HA! So naturally, everyone was walking down the trails with winter apparel and mountain boots on. Ok not everyone but most people. Stephen and I are casually rocking flip flops. Not like a Birkenstock either, I’m pretty sure the delicate sandals I was wearing were like $14.99 #dealsonwheelz It was like my toes were experiencing snow for the first time.

We love Yoho National Park so we spent our last day in beautiful British Columbia! (check out my Vancouver post here) It was another gorgeous day. The lake is breathtaking. Every time I visit the mountains the beauty continues to surprise me. The gorgeous turquoise water makes me feel at ease.

Postive trip but chaotic drive home. So the drive home……….. If you look up the definition of “Hell” in the dictionary I’m pretty sure driving home from Banff on a long weekend is in there. We wanted to soak up as much time as possible at the lake before we left so we headed home at about 5:00 pm. We got home at almost 2:00 am. I remember I kept thinking is this real life? I didn’t even pack any snacks. The drive is normally just under 4 hours from Edmonton. I bet we could have walked out of the National Park… okay maybe not… but you could say it took a little longer than anticipated. YAWN.

Regardless of the drive home, we had gorgeous weather and It was another memorable trip for the books. Until next time!

Here are some of my favourite photos of the trip! Enjoy!


     Thank you, Big Bottle Co for these awesome water bottles!