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Them Blooms and Tracey Jazmin Photography

Them Blooms and Tracey Jazmin Photography

Hey, friends, So it’s been almost a month since my last blog post. I’ve been excited to do this blog post for the last couple of weeks but I couldn’t find the time. Watching Netflix and playing my cats 47 times a day can get exhausting Yano. So I’m cutting myself a little slack. I absolutely love how many people I’ve met through Instagram this past year! THANKS, INSTAGRAM! Social media has opened up so many cool doors for me and I’m forever thankful for that.

I recently collaborated with a Flower company in Calgary called Them Blooms and a photographer in Edmonton, Tracey Jazmin. When Them Blooms asked the two of us to get in touch we were basically already BFFS from our 15 cafe dates before. Little did they know… WE GO WAY BACK! Okay not really but like a few months? So we’re basically soul-sisters. This blog didn’t make itself eh Tracey? Ha ha! So getting to work with Tracey I was pretty darn excited! I mean we love finding new cafes and chatting with each other for hours so a little photo fun with some gorgeous blooms makes things that much more exciting.

Little background info:

Them Blooms- “made with love, shipped with care.” The flowers at Them Blooms are absolutely stunning. They are a Calgary based company that delivers flowers to most of Alberta, and they also have Canada wide shipping options. YAY CANADA! Happy 150th birthday Canada, stay young! The flowers are fresh and they come in all different shapes and sizes. They are wrapped in gorgeous burlap and tied to perfection!

Tracey Jazmin.. Where do I even begin… Not only is this gal incredibly talented, she is creative, hard working and driven. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and it shows in her work. We also might be friends now so that is pretty COOL. Hey if your reading this can you come back to Alberta so we can take the dogs to the park, gossip and drink not 1 but 2 lattes each. That would be great…THANKS!

I whole-heartedly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for photography or mentoring! She’s all that and a bag of chips!

Links: Them Blooms & Tracey Jazmin Photography

We may have suffered from countless mosquito bites but it was totally worth it! Those blood sucking demons!

Mosquito joke of the day:
What’s the difference between a Mosquito and a Fly?


Try sewing a button on a mosquito.
Did I just post a Dad joke on my blog? Okay, it’s time for bed.. ha ha!

Big thanks to Them Blooms for the beautiful flowers and to Tracey Jazmin for the lovely photos.

PS: if you make it to the bottom you deserve a cookie because there are LOTS of photos.

Have a good week!

xo, Shay


This is a little mini shoot Tracey & I did one day before our cafe date!     Don’t forget to check out my blog post on Callia Flowers

Thank you,

Them Blooms and Tracey Jazmin Photography.

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