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Bombshell Hair Extensions

Bombshell Hair Extensions + Q & A

So I’m pretty excited to share my hair extension story.  I recently collaborated with Bombshell Hair Extension in Edmonton, Alberta. They opened up a new location on 124th street and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’m sure by now you’ve probably noticed my hair going from just below shoulder length to RAPUNZEL. BRB just hanging my hair out the window. I’ve had a ton of random people ask me if my hair was real so I mean that’s a good sign. YOU GUYS ROCK! I mean did she not kill the blending game? Let’s get real… I’m not a natural blonde so I could never grow 22 inches of hair and If I did I’m sure it would look like a fried frizzy mullet. Blondes ya feel me? If only we lived in a world where hair could grow 5 inches overnight.

So as you may have noticed, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I was a little nervous because I wash my hair most days and I rock the “wet bun look” more often than not. So with having extensions put in, you can’t exactly do that. I was worried they would be pretty high maintenance and it turns out they are not. Obviously, blow drying my hair takes a little longer than usual but it’s totally worth it. I wake up and my hair is literally styled. I put a few loose curls in and it’s good to go. It is so easy to maintain. The first couple of nights my head hurt a little adjusting to the new weft but now I can barely feel it. I got 200 grams of 22-inch hair so I GOT A LOT. Plus nothing can feel worse than clip-ins. I wore those for years. Don’t even get me started with falling asleep with your clip-ins in. OUCH. This micro weft is a walk in the park. The hair I got is from their Bombshell line (shades of pink) and it is the best quality.

Here are some tips from having my new HURR:







Braid your hair at night to avoid friction and moving around. Actually when in doubt just braid your hair. It’s all fun and games until you wake up in the middle of the night and your CAT thinks your hair is a toy.

Make sure you budget for a good quality shampoo and conditioner, one that works well with the extensions. Having extensions is an investment so you want to take good care of them.

Use a good leave-in conditioner and heat protector. I personally use Davines products and they are incredible. They recommended I use Davines Ol Oil which I already use which worked out great. Ps, the hairspray smells like heaven and the Nou Nou hair mask is my favorite.



I’ve had an overwhelming response of positive messages about my hair and also lots of questions. I’ve only ever had clip ins so this was a new experience for me as well. So I’m just taking the questions I received on Instagram and Facebook and giving my honest opinion.

Is the hair real? What kind of hair is it?

“SHADES OF PINK™ Hair extension Co. is ethically sourced, 100% Human hair that is never bleached or lightened without the use of any harsh chemicals. Our organic lightening technology allows the hairs natural cuticle to remain fully intact, giving our tangle-free extensions a silky smooth feeling. Our premium SHADES OF PINK™ hair extension line is designed to last a minimum of 12 months with full-time use.”

How much were your extensions?

I got 200 grams (two packs of 22-inch hair) That is a whole wack of hair. I believe the two packs of 22 inch hair runs around $1250. (Bombshell line)
So depending on what quality of hair you want and how much, the price varies per person. They do consultations and the prices are listed on the website. They also have other lines such as their Shades collection.


Do they hurt?

They were a little uncomfortable the first couple of nights but now they just feel like my real hair.

Can you see the micro weft? How long did the installation take?

It is seamless so you can only see it if you literally lift up my hair and look for them. You can’t notice it. When I was at bombshell I got my hair foiled as well so I was there longer but the installation itself only took about 1.5 hours.

What maintenance is required?

The micro weft requires a tightening every 3-4 weeks. Your first two are free and after that, they are $30. This prevents the extensions from matting and causing any damage to the natural hair.

So there you have it! I’m really happy with my hair transformation and the girls at Bombshell were amazing! THANK YOU!

Color: @genna_hair

Extension Install: @hairbyjordii

Location: @bombshellyeg

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Below are my before and after photos.

For more photos of my hair check out my FALL PICNIC SHOOT

Bombshell Hair extensions were also kind enough to provide me with a discount code. Use SHAYLENE10 for 10% off.

Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

xo, Shay



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