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Little Brick Cafe, Edmonton Alberta

Little Brick Cafe, Edmonton Alberta

Little Brick Cafe and General Store.

So I have a page on my blog called “coffee culture” and I’ve yet to post anything on cafes. When I first started my blog I had the intention of doing mostly travel and cafes. Well, this is where I start! I’ve been to almost every cafe in Edmonton. Yes, you heard that correctly ALMOST every cafe. I like my treats and my caffeine what can I say? Plus cute spaces and minimalist decor know the way to my soul. Every week I’m going to post a new blog post about a cafe I love in Edmonton. My first week is going to be Little Brick Cafe.

So when I first moved to Edmonton from Halifax last year, I had maybe 4 friends, Stephen, my dog, and my two cats. So naturally, I spent a lot of time alone exploring my new city. Fun fact of the day; I’m absolutely terrible with directions. A few months ago I asked Stephen what side of the city the West Edmonton Mall was on? ……………….. Needless to say, instantly I knew what I had asked. He brings it up quite often as you can imagine. I rarely use my GPS anymore so PHEW! I can finally get around Edmonton! GO ME!

The first time I put Little Brick Cafe in my GPS it brought me to a residential area. I remember thinking this can’t be right? Where in the heck am I? It was right! Little Brick Cafe is nestled in the heart of Edmonton. It is located in a beautiful brick home. They have brunch, sweets, snacks, and delicious drinks! This is the perfect place to sit back on a comfy couch and read a good book!

“Little Brick is a café, general store, private event and office space in the heart of Edmonton’s Riverdale community. It has been built into the original 1903 home of J.B. Little, who owned the once thriving Brickyard. From scones and tea with a friend to a family birthday party dinner, Little Brick is founded on the belief that community helps us build great things.”



Welcome to With Shaylene Marie

welcome to with shaylene marie

First and foremost, WELCOME!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. It’s a lifestyle blog mostly because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing yet. Lifestyle means everything right? I named it With Shaylene Marie because It sounds a lot better than I lovecatsandlattes.com and shaylenecameron.com was already taken, DANG!

So, it will be like a cool adventure with me, hey?

I know I’ve been saying for months it’s “coming soon” because I’ve wanted to do a blog for the last year and I kept putting it off.

Life right? Well, not this time.

I’m humbled from all the lovely messages I’ve received on Instagram over the last few months asking when my blog will be launched and the ideas you’ve given me! You motivated me to finally get the courage to do this. My blog will be an authentic representation of my life, the ups, the downs and all that jazz in between. It took me a long time to realize that everything about myself that is different is what truly makes me unique and special.

Since I’m just starting out and new to the blogging scene what do you want me to write about? Home? Relationships? Beauty? Food? Get in touch and tell me more!

I’m going to use this blog as a creative outlet for cafes, food, travel and a little humour of course. Humour is always good for the soul. So, I’m currently listening to “Deanna Carter – Strawberry Wine” and hanging out with my cat contemplating what to write. Speaking of wine, I should grab a glass. Flash back to two years ago when I only drank rosé or the sweetest pinot grigio… now, I’ll take the strongest red please.

The fact that you are reading this really melts my butter (on my gluten free avo toast) – no, seriously thank you!! Okay, I’m rambling… So, I have a website. This is exciting.

Stay tuned humans.

Ps, giveaway coming soon!

xo, Shay