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Matrix Holiday Giveaway

Matrix Holiday Giveaway

HELLO friends! So I’m Slacking on the blog posts as per usual. That’s one of my 2018 goals *more consistent blog posts. I mean I guess it doesn’t help my computer crashed a few weeks ago 🙁 I just got a new one a few days ago so you’ll be seeing more of me soon.

I can hardly believe Christmas is less than a week away!! Where did 2017 go? I have a few giveaways coming in the next month and I’m pretty excited about it.

I’ve partnered up with Matrix and I’m doing a holiday giveaway! I received some goodies from them last week and I’m LOVING them. One of you lucky peeps will win a set of hair products from @matrix.

Happy holidays beautiful humans.

Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways!


Contest Rules: 

  • Open to Canadian Residents Only
  • Follow @shaylenecameron on Instagram
  • Follow @matrix on Instagram
  • Tag a friend (in blog or IG comments) who would love to win these Garnier Goodies.

15 Random Milestones to be proud of:

15 Random Milestones to be proud of:

With everyone getting married, having kids, moving forward with their life sometimes it’s hard not to feel set back. I honestly believe everyone moves at their own pace. Everyone wants different things in life and I literally LOVE THAT. Also, can we just take a moment to realize that literally is totally the new “like” No two people are alike and how AMAZING is that? I’m truly content with my life and my choices and I thought I would share some fun milestones.

So let’s take a HOT MINUTE to go over 15 random Milestones to be proud of: (in general, OBVY there is much more)

Failing and or/ Hitting rock bottom.. okay this sounds kind of aggressive but….. If you are able to be resilient and turn the negativity in your life into motivation and do better YOU are on the road to moving forward. If I didn’t hit rock bottom in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Moving away from home or moving out of your parent’s house. I moved to BC when I was 19 and I was wowed. I mean a small town GAL hanging out in Vancouver. I was never the same after that. How do you know what you want and love if you haven’t stepped out of your comfort zone? I remember being 23 in university, I got a bursary to do a French program in Montreal and live there for the summer and I was like “omg I feel old everyone there will be like 18, I went back to school late” little did I know there were people 10 years older than me. It was an experience I will never forget. The experience wasn’t forgotten but the french…..?? ahh bonjour means hello right? Just playing. 

You’ve traveled.. whether it’s in Canada or if you’ve lived in Europe, the US etc. Travel changes you period.

Making a major decision in your life without asking anyone because let’s face it you’re a bad ass betch who is capable of ANYTHANG.

Owning your first pet, because ahhmm I mean I have 3 and I’m responsible for living breathing things. && a lot of love and work goes into keeping my babies happy! So if your a fur mama or papa be proud.

TRYING NEW FOOD, okay if I’m completely honest, I use to be a chicken fingers and fries kinda girl.. my palette was pretty boring. I drank coolers and ate bland food. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver I started to dip into some “mysterious foods” I remember I was doing data entry at a law firm and everyone would go out for “sushi” and I was like okay ew do they have fries and gravy or…. it literally got to a point where I felt left out.. haha and I just started trying new things. Fast forward to 2017 8 years later give me anything I promise I will love it. There was a time I only ate California rolls LOL Vietnamese? Japanese? I’ve eaten octopus, escargot and my favorite food is literally Poke (raw fish) who am I? I’ve come a long way from a chicken finger kinda gal.

Paying off DEBT. Because I mean who hasn’t spent a little more than they should have. Travelling and avocado toast really adds up am I right? #extra

Never apologizing for yourself, but embracing YOU and all the flaws you have without apology. You never have to be sorry for being you. EVER! I mean unless your Donald Trump, than be sorry maybe…(no political debate PLZ haha) Want to wear jeggings for the rest of your life? Do you girlfriend. #alphafemale

Having a passion and following through with it. Go you! Let’s face it nobody wants to be vanilla. Finding your passion is the best feeling in the world! You are never too old to do you.

When you know how much you can and cannot drink.. okay so this is a little hilarious but….
Who hasn’t experienced this night maybe once or maybe a dozen times? A bottle of Malbec, vodka shots I’m okay.. 3/4 shots of tequila  =  table dancing and not so much… haha regardless. What is the limit to how much I can drink? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. Okay, I totally quoted mean girls in my last blog post. So…your not 20 anymore and you know your limits. Black out drunk isn’t so cute anymore. Plus I can’t be the only 20 something who gets horrendous hangovers. Applause to you-you bad ass betch 👏🏼

When you’ve learned to take care of your MENTAL HEALTH… Okay it’s 2017 mental health is important. If you want to be a functioning twenty-something you need to look after your physical and mental health. I totally need at least one day a week where I can be a total piece of shit or I’m a pretty grumpy bear. Netflix + cat and dog snuggles + junk food.

Learning to not sweat the small stuff. So I’m sure you’ve heard this bazillion times but its so important. The feeling of overcoming this is amazing!

Appreciating the beauty of life and adventure without posting it on social media. Have you ever had a moment so raw and beautiful taking your phone out would completely destroy the moment? So DONT. Okay, I know this is hard. Especially for myself, I love sharing bits of my life on social media. I’m totally that girl with the flash on as bright as the SUNNN on snap chat. I’m very fortunate for the opportunities I’ve had through social media but sometimes you just need a break. Honestly, try to go a day without your phone it feels good. But don’t go to the dog park without your phone because if you’re like me you might start to picture some criminal minds episode gone wrong as the sun slips away.. because the only flashlight I’ve ever purchased is on my iPhone.

Falling in love, being completely content alone, getting married, having kids, not having kids, whatever your heart desires these are such important milestones in life.

& last but not least (pretty hilarious)  actually getting gas in your vehicle before the gas light comes on. IM SO BAD FOR THIS! I cant be the only 28-year old that is guilty of this. I gassed up this week before my gas light came on and I felt like a bad ass betch. #adulting #organized ha ha!

So there you have it 15 random AF milestones! Some may be silly and arbitrary but some may resonate with you! Do you have any random milestones to be proud of?
I’d love to hear about it!

Contact me here!

Happy Saturday beautiful Humans!

Ps if you haven’t checked out my hair transformation from Bombshell Hair Extensions you can do so HERE.
xo, Shay

Fall Picnic Shoot Edmonton

Fall Picnic Shoot Edmonton

Another fun-filled day with two amazing creatives! We planned a shoot in St. Albert. We had such a cute little setup and I’m excited to share these photos! Thank you, Sara & Chelsea.

The theme was obviously FALL because fall is THE BEST SEASON EVAA.

-Sweaters (effortless wardrobe HELLO)
-Pumpkin everything
-Cat and dog snuggles
-Apple picking
-Hot Chocolate by the fire
-Candles….I burn through candles like its nobodies business, the ones in this post are Sydney Hale Co.

Check out our last shoot together here!

Photography: Sara Jewell

Makeup: Allure by Chelsea

Flowers:  Maven & Grace  (Maven & Grace is an Edmonton-based vintage and antique shop that also carries florals, home goods, and stationery)

Pants: Laura Siegel “The team at Laura Siegel employs artisans from rural villages all over the world to sustain traditional cultures and crafts. Along with ensuring ethical working conditions and living wages are provided to the skilled artisans, we collaborate with organizations to ensure they receive mentorship and workshops to learn how to maintain practicing their craft, provide for their families, education on wealth management, business practices and more. ”

New Hair is Bombshell Hair Extensions located in Edmonton, Alberta. Blog post coming soon! I can’t wait to share my experience with my GLORIOUS new locks. Super easy to maintain.


Thanks for reading,

xo, Shay



Fall Picnic Shoot Edmonton


A little Thursday note

A little Thursday note

A little Thursday note for you… So the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with things I need to do, and a little underwhelmed with creativity. I have a very long to-do list that I’ve been running through my head every day. To say I had a busy few weeks is an understatement. I’ve been off last two days and I’ve done NOTHING. Well besides a delightful curry bowl and peppermint tea latte from CAFE MOSAICS. I binged watched Netflix and basically promised my pets the world. I’m also off today and I feel a lot more energized and refreshed. I had pretty high expectations for some things I wanted to get done, but my body and mind had other plans and needed rest.

The only person I am ever trying to be better than is the girl I was last year. I’ve learned over the last few years not to compare myself to others. #selflove You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. I think that every challenge and disappointment we have teaches us valuable lessons. At 28 I think I’ve experienced plenty of mistakes, heartache, and hard lessons. It’s how we overcome these challenges that shape us into a better person. The cliche “Life is short” saying means so much to me.

Be healthy, do what you love and don’t settle in your job or relationship. I’ve spent a lot of my twenties bouncing around and trying to figure out who I am as a person. I was always envious of the people who knew exactly what they wanted to do. I’ve always done things “my way” I’m the type of person who actually has to learn from their mistakes. No literally… mistake comes first lesson learned second. ALWAYS. (ask my parents) I’ve felt weak and insecure at times but I’ve always picked myself back up. I’m just realizing over the last couple of years I am a very strong person. I spent a really long time with someone I wasn’t meant to be with and received a great deal of unfair judgment from people who knew nothing that happened. My choices, my life. cah-PEESH? (Insert Salt N Pepa – None of yo business) Okay half kidding.

Ultimately in your life, the only opinion that really matters is your own. Despite my ups and downs over the years I finally feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. I will never again underestimate how crucial timing is. Timing is everything.

I have gained an appreciation and understanding of my life that truly fills me with compassion. I hope that my struggles have been given to inspire someone else who truly needs it. So here’s to finishing what I already started, accomplishing my goals and using my creative personality to do things I love! Wanna know more useless things about me? Click here!

So to do list for today:
#1 Kiss my cats and dog for another hour until I blissfully get out of bed.
#2 Take a hot bath (because let’s face it if you text me anytime during the day I’m usually in the bath.)
#3 Take my sweet pup for a walk.
#4 Hit up a cafe and maybe pick up some fresh blooms (because flowers are good for the SOUL, always)
#5 Make an Apple genius appointment since my phone is fried chicken.
#6 Try this new YOGA place downtown.
#7 Patiently wait for Stephen to come home, have caesar’s because it’s NATIONAL CAESAR DAY.
#8 Make Stephen back up my iPhone and do other technical things I don’t understand.
#9 Gaze into each other’s eyes, with matching sweatpants while we drink our Ceasar’s.
#10 Sweet talk Genius Bar rep so I don’t have to pay my apple care since it’s fried chicken and not my fault.

Etc etc etc probably get a cupcake somewhere in between there.
If you got through my ridiculous list, you rule.
Happy Thursday beautiful humans.

xo, Shay

Vancouver, British Columbia


“THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER” (how I feel about visiting the west coast) I recently took a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. I would have done this blog post sooner but I’ve been laying in bed in sweatpants watching the office for the past couple of days. Ok…. It has been the majority of the past week. #bingewatchingtheoffice How did I never watch this show before? I’M OBSESSED!

So Vancouver. All I can say is, the license plates certainly don’t lie. Vancouver, British Columbia is surrounded by the pacific ocean, mountains and let’s not forget it’s basically an Instagram dream. I have many friends that live in British Columbia so there is no shortage of caffeine, red wine, and laughs. Now that I’m only a Province away I’m pretty darn content with it.

For most of my trip, I had gorgeous weather. Thank you Mother Nature, you’re the real MVP! I spent the majority of my time doing what I do best, prancing around, exploring the scenery, taking lots of photos, and drinking lattes of course!

I wish I had more time than four days, It simply wasn’t enough time. Although I did do a lot, I could have stayed another week at least. There is so much to do and see in British Columbia. I’m heading to Kelowna in the summer and I can’t wait! WINERIES! OKANAGAN LAKE! YAY! I also hope to plan a trip to Vancouver island sometime in the future.

So here are some pictures from my trip. Don’t forget to check out my blog post on the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. I hope you enjoy them, Happy Monday!

xo, Shay