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The Moth Cafe

The Moth Cafe, Edmonton, Alberta


I’m pretty excited about Edmonton’s newest vegan/vegetarian cafe. The new cafe is called The Moth Cafe and it is located on Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton.

Cafe mosaic on Whyte Ave is my go-to “watering hole” for vegan and vegetarian options. They have a lot of gluten-free options so I frequent there on the regular.

So naturally, I was pretty excited to hear about a new place opening up downtown. For starters when you walk in the space is breathtaking… Serious Vancouver vibes up in here. GREENERY YES. Not to mention the perfect cozy space they have in the back. This space is designed perfectly and it is very inviting. Can you come decorate my place?

I’m pretty impressed with all of the new places opening up in Edmonton in the last year. Go Edmonton!

The menu at The Moth Cafe is massive and filled with lots of delicious items. The prices are very reasonable for raw and vegan ingredients.

I’ve had the peppermint/lavender tea latte twice and I’m already obsessed. Next time I’ll try something new but I went for my go-to: gluten-free avocado toast with coconut bacon. YUM.

I know I will be back soon so there is lots of time to try out the menu!

Be sure to check this place out. Even if you’re not vegan/vegetarian don’t be afraid to try some plant-based foods, they won’t disappoint.

Address9449 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 3T8

Below are some photos of the new space. STILL SWOONING.

I can’t wait to blog about all of my favorite cafes around the city. Have you seen my post on Little Brick Cafe? Cheers!