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What Breed Is Your Dog? Cambio, the Rescue Pup

what breed is your dog rescue pup

What breed is your dog?

So, I get asked “What breed is your dog?” a few times a week. I literally have no sweet clue.

I’ve been meaning to do one of those dog DNA kits but I haven’t got around to it yet. I’m also pretty sure he thinks he is a cat. Should I mention he plays with the cat toys and chases the laser around…

He will be four pretty soon, so I thought I would dedicate a post to him (he also has a fake birthday because I have no way of knowing when or where he was born). I may be biased but he’s the best dog in the world. Anyone who follows me on Instagram probably already knows my pup is an international rescue.

I used to work at Boston Pizza in Nova Scotia during university. They have a program through Live Different, It’s called a hero holiday. We got to go down to Sosua, Dominican Republic to build homes.

One of my good friends Carmen was on the trip with me and I was a little skeptical about adopting a pup but she totally convinced me it was a good idea and boy was she right. PS: remember that time he was so cold in the A/C we wrapped him in the bed with us and we woke up in the morning and the bed was covered with TICKS. Oh wait, we don’t talk about that. Basically I stood two feet away while Carmen individually picked out ticks… and let’s not forget about his first swim when he power puked all over the curtains at the missionary resort, SORRY ABOUT THAT!

Basically a family had Cam and they couldn’t afford to keep him. I had to take him to the vet in the Dominican to make sure I could legally take him out of the country. The vet was actually from New York, he checked Cam out, gave him de-wormer and sent us on our way. He told us he was about 10 weeks old. I didn’t have any issues at customs, but I was totally freaking out.

You know that declaration paper they give you? Mine had a GIANT red “X” on it. So naturally, I was freaking out. What if they don’t let me keep this dog I fell in love with?

They took my dog in a room, checked him out and sent us on our merry way. My cat’s name is Sephora. Don’t judge me, her name suits her perfectly; actually Beyonce would have worked better! Anyway, I figured I should name my dog something legitimate given his back story. I mostly call him Cam for short but I named him Cambio because it means change in Creole AND since I kinda CHANGED his life I figured it was suitable (insert cheese emoji).

So there you have it, my dog is pretty awesome and now you know his cool background story. Also he drove across Canada with me so he’s pretty much a world traveler. Does peeing in almost every province classify as world traveler? LOVE YOU CAMBEANO.

xo, Shay

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